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About Oakley Air Systems

Distributors of industrial air cleaning equipment, oil mist extraction units, commercial air cleaning equipment and industrial vacuum equipment. Lines represented include Scientific Dust Collectors, Solara Air, Air Systems, Inc., Extract-All, Electron Microscopy Sciences, Lab-Air, Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, Aer Control Systems, AllerAir, AirRhino, Pullman-Holt, W.M. Meyer & Sons, Inc., Vac-U-Max, Nortech Vacuum Products, GuardAir Corporation, Atrix International and Jacob Tubing. We confirm indoor air quality applications requiring pulse filter cartridge dust collectors and industrial baghouse collectors. We also can propose smaller portable weld smoke collectors with flexible source capture arms and air purification systems with fume collection arms. Not all of air cleaners are industrial and please note the we carry many smaller units designed for commercial applications common to hospitals requiring contamination control and light manufacturing for ambient dust collection and fume extraction. In addition to our lines of air cleaning units we also carry continuous duty vacuums designed for industrial housekeeping applications like powder paint collection, emergency spills, concrete and drywall dust collection, HEPA filtered dry-only and wet-dry vacuums to contain hazardous dust, vacuums for ESD safety, handheld compressed air operated vacuums, industrial drum top vacuums in 30-gallon and 55-gallon, insulation removal, explosion proof vacuums and wet vacuums for coolant recovery. If you have an indoor air quality concern that can be resolved with either an air cleaner or a vacuum please contact us today.

Doug Collins
Inside Sales
Doug Collins is in inside sales and technical support to assist you with requests for quotation on our product lines. Doug has been involved with air cleaning equipment and vacuum systems for 10 years and can confirm the proper equipment required for any application requiring an air cleaner or an industrial vacuum product.