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Air Filters For The Home And Business

Our replacement filters for home furnace and air conditioner offer triple the efficiency and service life of fiberglass or poly disposable panel filters. These air filters are up to 98.6% efficient down to 2 microns. (The typical human hair is 10 microns in diameter). The OakleyAir Filters revolutionary anti-microbial system does not support or feed the growth of bacteria and fungi (unlike paper-framed filters). The fibers are chemically bonded with an antimicrobial agent that destroys virtually all microorganisms that come into contact with it.

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OakleyAir Systems Filter Replacement for the Home
  • 10 Times More Efficient then Regular Furnace / Air Conditioner Filters
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment Helps Eliminate bacteria and Germs
  • Self-Sealing Edges Form A Snug Fit, Eliminating Dirty Air Bypass
  • Internal Wire Frame Allows for 30% More Filter Surface Area. 100 Days of Clean Air Under Normal Circumstances. AutoShip Program
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