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Commercial And Industrial Vacuum Replacement Hose

Our hoses serve many industries such as material handling, portable and truckmount carpet cleaning, car wash, power tools, animal grooming, asbestos removal, as well as commercial and industrial vacuums.

Products For This Category


Plastic Vacuum Hose
  • Single and dual profile crush-proof polyethylene hoses for wet or dry applications.
  • Available in 1/2 inch- 4 inch inside diameters.
  • Custom colors and lengths are available.
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Wire Supported Hose
  • Extremely flexible wire supported hoses with a tight bend radius
  • Available in multi-purpose PVC, urethane, and thermo-plastic coated steel wire helix
  • Neoprene hoses are available with and without a static wire
  • From 3/4 inch - 6 inch Inside diameters
  • Up to 50 foot lengths.
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Plastic Helix Supported Vacuum Hose
  • Clear, smooth bore hoses for material transfer in light to heavy duty industrial applications
  • Food grade hoses with or without a static wire are available
  • From 1 1/2 inch - 2 inch inside diameters
  • Up to 100 foot lengths.
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Static Conductive Vacuum Hose
  • Plastic crushproof static conductive hose
  • Perfect for applications where operator comfort and safety is paramount
  • From 1 inch -3 inch inside diameters
  • Black only
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All Plastic Hose Cuffs for Vacuum Hose
  • Hose cuffs for all-plastic hose, strip hose and corrugated hose
  • Sizes ranging from 1/2 inch I.D. to 3 inch I.D. and all sizes in between
  • Standard colors such as grey, black and white
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Vacuum Hose Connectors
  • Join two hoses together
  • Threaded swivel connectors are also available in addition to reducers and enlarger configurations
  • In sizes 1 1/4 inch - 3inch.
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