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Outdoor Gas-Powered Vacuums

Outdoor vacuuming applications are best resolved by using a gasoline powered vacuum and the units profiled here are designed for gutter debris removal and litter collection. Units run on regular gas and are fitted with a 5.5-HP engine by Honda. The 5.5-HP engine creates up to 2000 CFM of vacuum suction to match up to the 4-inch intake. Debris is collected into a 30-gallon container that can be lined with a heavy plastic liner. These vacuums are fitted with neumatic tires and are easily portable to places where there is no connection to electric power. The gas-powered vacuums are popular for residential gutter cleaning, collecting debris left over from from events,loading docks, warehouses, truck trailers and railroad cars.

Products For This Category


Gutter Keeper Vacuum, 5.5-HP Gas Powered Vacuum for Gutter Cleaning
  • Vacuum designed specifically for gutter debris removal.
  • Gas-powered portable vacuum with 5.5-HP motor by Honda.
  • 30-gallon collection tank can be lined for easy disposal.
  • 3-inch intake vacuums bulky debris easily.
  • Mounted on an all-steel frame.
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Litter Critter Vacuum, 5.5-HP Gas Powered Litter Collection Vacuum
  • Portable gasoline powered vacuum for bulky debris collection.
  • Operates indoor and outdoor and is ideal for parking lot litter and warehouse clean up.
  • 5.5-HP motor by Honda produces 2000 CFM.
  • 4-inch intake collects bulky debris into a 30-gallon drum.
  • Sturdy steel chasis with pneumatic wheels for easy portability.
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