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Portable UV Air Sterilization Units

Oakley Air Systems is proud to offer a new development in air and surface sanitation produced by Optipura. These portable air sterilizers utilize supercharged oxygen plasma technology to rid indoor environments of contaminants where conventional cleaning methods have been ineffective. Plasma air purification is ideal for antibacterial contamination control. This technology breaks down harmful ambient compounds like cigarette smoke odor, pollen, black mold spores and viruses leaving indoor environments contaminant free. These portable units are fitted with timers and can clear a room of these air quality concerns in a single treatment. Please note that plasma air purification does not involve ozone. The Optipura portables are not ozone generators and their versatility and safety make these products ideal for numerous applications calling for air purification and surface decontamination.

Products For This Category

Optipura MinuteOptipura-Mobility

Optipura Minute Portable Air Sterilizer
  • 2-lamp unit
  • All steel housing
  • Ideal for deodorizing hotel rooms, vehicles and related areas.
  • 120-V electrical
  • Timer
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Optipura Mobility Portable UV Air Sterilizer
  • Ideal for deodorizing cigar lounges, recreational vehicles (RVs) and ambient mold spore sterilization.
  • Rugged construction; all steel housing
  • 3-hour timer
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