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Abatement Vacuums

Hazardous material abatement operations yield some of the most challenging vacuum applications today. The vacuums profiled in this category are suitable for asbestos abatement, lead paint chip dust collection and demolition work. Demolition contractors and asbestos removal companies need reliable vacuum equipment fitted with 99.97% efficient HEPA filters and often such operations call for 99.99% efficient ULPA filters for hazardous dust containment. We can be a resource for HEPA vacuums designed for abatement operations and please contact with any details on equipment you are requiring.

Products For This Category


HCTV5H High Capacity Vacuum System for Abatement Cleaning
  • HCTV5H is perfect for Abatement Cleaning Contractors
  • Comes standard with a 5-gallon, quick change, no mess, sealable true HEPA filter canister
  • Ideal for large volumes of dry chemical, asbestos, mold, lead paint dust, or other hazardous particulate.
  • Includes footswitch(110 volt model only), tools and 9\\\\\\\' hose
  • Optional beater bar brush available that meets EPA RRP requirements
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VACOMEGAH, Omega Vacuum with HEPA, Non-ESD for Lead Abatement
  • Non-ESD HEPA vacuum ideal for small amounts of hazardous dust.
  • 1-gallon collection tank.
  • No cross contamination, immediate containment
  • Tool kit provided.
  • Optional Beater Bar Brush available to meet the EPA RRP requirements.
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