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Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuums

Industrial continuous duty vacuums are just that; designed to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, day after day. Some industrial applications call for this demanding degree of usage and the vacuums profiled in this category are designed to function without stopping. Features that are common to a continuous duty vacuum include a TEFC motor, a pulse filter cleaning system and a positive displacement vacuum pump. These vacuums are designed for tough applications like collecting abrasive foundry sand, sharp debris like metal scraps and chips and heavy loading applications like fine powder collection. This sort of equipment typically calls for a review of the application to confirm the best vacuum for the operation and to recommend an industrial vacuum tool package that will last. Please contact us if you do not see a vacuum that fits the application you are needing to address so that we can discuss your application and propose an industrial vacuum package suited to your needs.

Products For This Category


Pulse-Bac Xtreme PB1500X, Continuous Duty Electric Pulse Filter Vacuum
  • Continuous duty industrial vacuum with 3-inch intake designed for industrial vacuuming and portable industrial dust collection.
  • Powered by an advanced high airflow FLO-TEK motor from AMETEK that delivers 4.7 inches waterlift and up 450 CFM of vacuum.
  • Pulse filter vacuum fitted with 5, non-stick Teflon coated spun polyster cartridge filters stands up to the most difficult industrial vacuum applications.
  • Dimensions: 28 inches wide and 63 inches tall; Weight; 220 pounds.
  • Split chamber design allows for removal of debris without shutting off the vacuum.
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