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Coolant Recovery Vacuums

Vacuuming coolant from machine tools and industrial sumps is a genuinely industrial vacuum application. The industrial wet vacuums profiled here are designed specifically for coolant and chip separation. These units are popular for separating debris like metal chips and related items from relatively clean coolant in machine tool sumps, tanks and parts washers. Units are either air powered or electric and vacuum performance will vary.

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Chiperator, 55-gallon, Coolant Separation Vacuum
  • Ideal unit for removing debris from relatively clean coolant.
  • Operates at 40 GPM for both functions of suction and pump out.
  • Internal filter is an 8-gallon ploy sock.
  • Operates with up to 10 feet of 1.5-inch hose.
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent overfilling of drum.
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Q-VAC 100, 55-Gallon Pneumatic Wet Vacuum
  • Industrial wet vacuum suitable for any non-flammable liquid.
  • Compressed air operated vacuum suitable for collecting oils and sump coolants.
  • 24 GPM liquid collection capacity.
  • Vacuum lid assembly available for use with existing drums.
  • Optimum Compredssor: 10-HP
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