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Explosion Proof Vacuums

Explosion proof vacuums are offered for some of the most critical operations requiring industrial vacuum equipment. Many groups take a great risk by using a vacuum that is not suited for an explosive application and fatalities have occurred as a result. The vacuums profiled here are some of the options available for applications involving aluminum dust collection, agricultural dusts like rice powder, pharmaceutical powder mixing operations and grain elevators.

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Vac-U-Max SR - Submersible Recovery Vacuum, 55-gallon
  • Air powered explosionproof vacuum designed to pick up explosive powders in a safe way.
  • Explosive powder is made inert by way of an extended inlet assembly that reaches into water in the drum.
  • Vacuum suction is adjustable from 8" Hg to 16" Hg.
  • Static-conductive PTFE (Teflon) dust filter is 99.9% efficient to 1.0 micron.
  • High-level liquid cut off prevents overfilling and low-level liquid cut off prevents operation if the water level is too low.
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