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Industrial Dust Collection

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The LP Series of Industrial Dust Collectors by Scientific Dust Collectors
  • Heavy duty construction; housing is 12 gauge welded steel and will handle up to +/- 10 IWC.
  • Air Flow: Up to 3000 CFM; Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-cartridge units.
  • Patented, nozzle-based filter cleaning system.
  • Baffled inlet directs dust away from cartridge filters.
  • Spring-loaded cartridge retaining device prevent leakage.
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Vertical Cartridge Downflow
  • Tube Sheet is Seam Welded to Clean Aire Plenum which Eliminates Distortion and Dust Bypass.
  • Cartridge Filters are Arranged in the Vertical Position to Maintain the Structural Integrity of the Filter
  • Cartridge Filters are Secured Externally with a Locking Device to Eliminate Process and Clean Air Restrictions.
  • Small Tube Sheet Design
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Horizontal Cartridge Filtration
  • Filters dry dust, fume, and general airborne dry particulate
  • HEPA like cartridges provide 960ft2 of filter that can achieve 99.97% efficiency
  • Unique self-cleaning pulse jet system
  • Can be configured as either a ducted unit or an ambient unit
  • Two configurations are available; an ambient style and a ducted version.
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