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Industrial Dust Collectors (cartridge)

Oakley Air Systems offers a comprehensive roster of dust collection systems for virtually any industrial application. We have the expertise and experience to help you meet airborne contaminant reduction goals without sacrificing production! If indoor air quality is critical, we have the industrial ventilation equipment to increase the environmental and occupational health and safety of your facility while maximizing plant efficiency from cyclone dust collectors to cartridge filtration to bag filters, ambient air cleaning to ducted source capture.

Products For This Category

Model DFC

Pluse-Jet Cartridge Collector
  • Filter Cartridges are quickly and conveniently serviced form outside the collector.
  • Modular panelized design allows easy capacity increases.
  • Compact design saves space and is suitable for spot filtration.
  • No confined space entry permit needed.
  • Multiple units share common hoppers and minimize clean air ducting.
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