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Industrial Weld Smoke And Fume Collection

Industrial facilities are routinely faced with the need to clean the air of harmful fumes resulting from indoor welding and grinding. One of the more challenging aspects of indoor weld smoke collection is complying with the recent change to the OSHA permissible exposure limit (PEL) for welding fumes containing hexavalent chromium. Hexavalent chromium filtration calls for a HEPA post filter and most of the items pictured here can be fitted with a HEPA. This page profiles some options in portable weld smoke collection along with industrial downdraft tables and flexible source capture arms. The items below are a cross section of the models available for each category and please contact us if you are not finding a unit that will address your application because we have the resources to locate the equipment you need.

Products For This Category


Small Portable Smoke Collector for Solder and Welding Applications
  • Smaller unit ideal for light welding and soldering operations.
  • 80/20 Polyester Blend flame retardent HEPA-like cartridge filter.
  • 6 or 8 inch by 10-foot externally supported extraction arm.
  • It also complies with OSHA’s new Hexavalent Chromium standard.
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Small Portable Cartridge Down Draft Bench
  • Designed for continuous duty weld smoke collection and portability.
  • Direct drive forward curved blower with a 1.5HP TEFC motor delivering 1000 CFM
  • 80/20 Polyester Blend flame-retardent HEPA-like cartridge filter
  • Manual push button pulse-jet filter cleaning system
  • Wrap Around body with swing-open doors to enclose part on table
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Remote Down Draft Bench
  • Provides remote capture of dust, fumes, and gas/vapors
  • Heavy duty 11 & 12ga construction with/powder coat finish
  • Maximum table loads are 500lbs
  • Removable grates for ease of cleaning
  • Custom sizes available
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Wall Mount Fume Collector
  • Standard Airflow 1000 CFM using a 1.0 horsepower single phase TEFC motor.
  • Remote Power cord and switch. Baffled Inlet for Sparks
  • Baffled Inlet for Sparks. 6” inlet for extraction arm.
  • Mounting Bracket. Heavy duty construction with Kelly Green industrial textured powder coat finish
  • Direct drive backward inclined airfoil non-overloading fan.
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Powered Down Draft Bench
  • Flame-retardant, 99% cartridge filter efficiency at 0.5 microns
  • Optional flame retardant 99.999% filter efficiency at 0.5 microns using NANO filter technology
  • Airflow: 2500/4000/5050 CFM.
  • Low cost manual push-button air pulse filter cleaning is standard
  • Back and Hinged side panels are standard to control contaminant capture.
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Overhead Weld Cell Collector
  • Ideal for Weld Fumes
  • Removes airborne fume and dust from robotic welding applications.
  • Reverse jet pulse design optimizes filter cleaning, extends filter life, and reduces maintenance.
  • Recirculates clean air, eliminating the need for expensive make-up air.
  • Relocation of Autovent units due to changes in plant layout is simple and cost effective.
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