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Portable HEPA Air Cleaners For Negative Pressure

Areas calling for negative pressure air flow are often required in hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical production facilities. The negative air machines profiled on this page are best suited for any operation calling for hazardous dust containment. Units in this category are designed for isolation room negative pressure and fine dust collection. These air cleaners are fitted 99.97% efficient HEPA filtration and each is available with optional anti-germicidal UVGI for bacterial sterilization. This page details some of the options in portable air cleaning equipment that Oakley Air Systems can offer. Items noted below include the C-2000, the AirRhino 2000 and 5000-Pro-H. The portable air cleaners on this page are all provided with filters and offer a range of airflow to accommodate varying areas. Please contact us if you do not see a unit that fits your needs.

Products For This Category


C-2000, Variable Speed, 2000 CFM Portable HEPA Air Cleaner
  • Ideal for putting specified areas like patient rooms and emergency isolation enclosures under negative pressure.
  • Also suitable for ambient dust collection during renovation work.
  • Varibable-speed, 0.75-HP Motor.
  • Available in variable speed and 2-speed.
  • Available in your choice of painted steel or stainless steel.
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5000-Pro-H, 250 CFM Contractor Portable; HEPA Only
  • Compact design that is ideal for small enclosures and related work areas.
  • 3-speed unit offering a maximum of 250 CFM.
  • Provided with a detachable 4-inch metallic collar.
  • Housing is powder coated steel.
  • Optional UV and carbon post filter is available.
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AirRhino 2000, 700 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with HEPA and Carbon, Variable Speed
  • 700 CFM unit ideal for smaller areas not requiring 2000 CFM.
  • 0.5-HP motor; Available in 2-speed and variable speed.
  • Fitted with full size 99.97% efficient HEPA and 7-pound carbon filter.
  • Polished galvanized steel housing.
  • Available in a carbon only configuration for odor and fume extraction.
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