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Replacement Filters

Oakley Air Systems specializes in industrial air cleaning equipment and we can locate replacement filters for any make of air cleaner on the market. We can assist with replacement cartridges for industrial dust collection equipment and replacement bag filters for industrial baghouses. We will assess your application and confirm the specifications of the filter you require to make sure you end up with the correct filter that not only fits your air cleaning unit but it will also stand up to the demands of your applciation. We can locate both OEM filters and high quality after-market cross references to the OEM filter. In addition to dust collector filters, we also can be a source for replacement HEPA filters in various sizes and frame types. Replacement filters is a broad category of products and if you are needing a replacement filter for an indsutrial dust collector or a HEPA filter module please contact us. We have the resources to locate industrial application air filters that are often hard to find.

Products For This Category


Industrial Cartridge Filters
  • Replacement cartridge filters for all makes and models.
  • Fire retardant cartridges.
  • Coated dust collector cartridge filters for oil and rubber smoke applications.
  • Custom manufactured cartridges with media options exceeding OEM specs.
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HEPA Filters, 99.97% Efficient to Particle Size 0.3 Micron
  • HEPA filters of various sizes and frames.
  • Frame options include particle board, fire retardant particle board and galvanized steel.
  • Nuclear grade HEPA filters with gel seal and gasketing options per your application.
  • High temperature HEPA filters with stainless steel frame rated for 390 Deg F.
  • High capacity mini-pleat HEPA.
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