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Q-VAC 100, 55-Gallon Pneumatic Wet Vacuum


Q-VAC 100 - The Q-VAC 100 is a 55-gallon wet application vacuum that is designed for coolant spills and collecting coolant from machine tool sumps. This is a pneumatic vacuum that uses a 1/2" air line and it has an operating requirement of 80 PSI and 10 CFM. This is a light-duty unit that is effective on coolant that has become moderately thick with debris but it not suitable for coolant that has become a thick paste. It is provided with a tool package that includes a 10 foot long, 1.5-inch hose assembly and squeegee tool that allows operators to vacuum coolant from floors. The unit is fitted with an auto-shut-off device to prevent overfilling of the drum and the drum provided is fitted with a dump valve. This unit does not have a pump-out feature so it is not recommended for vacuuming debris laden liquids. Please note that the Q-VAC 100 is available in a variety of options that include the package pictured, the lid package only and there is a grounded lid assembly available for applications involving volatile liquids. Please contact us if any of the configurations of the Q-VAC 100 are of interest.