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1500 Gun Vac, Hand Held Compressed Air Vacuum, Standard Package


1500 Gun Vac - This hand held vacuum features a cast aluminum housing and has a short nozzle. The Gun Vac operates off a ? inch air line and is ideal for reaching debris that has gotten into areas that are difficult to reach with a standard vacuum. Hand held vacuums offer convenience and flexibility. These units are the ideal workstation vacuum for any form of assembly work that generates unwanted debris and they are great for spot cleaning small amounts of debris away from surfaces after drilling a hole. The unit operates off 90 PSI and consumes 26 CFM; maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI. Vacuum suction can be controlled by the trigger type actuator in the grip. The Gun Vac is popular for vacuuming around industrial equipment and applications include collecting debris from mold castings, machine tools, work benches and conveyors. Debris is collected into a 0.5 cubic foot bag. The 1400 Gun Vac is fitted with the standard efficiency bag and comes with a crevice tool and round dust brush. Optional items include the high efficiency bag and a variety of tools with brushes. If the optional items are of interest, please see the listing for the 1410 Gun Vac package that features a tapered nozzle and includes the high efficiency bag and a 4-piece tool kit.