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1548 Sandsucker Vacuum, Hand Held Compressed Air Vacuum with 18-Inch Flexible Steel Extension


Sandsucker Hand Held Vacuum - This hand held vacuum features an all aluminum housing with an 18 inches long flexible steel extension. The unit operates off a 1/4 inch air line and is designed to remove abrasive sand and related debris from areas that are difficult to reach with a standard vacuum. This unit is ideal for vacuuming abrasive debris from industrial equipment and the flexible steel extension can reach areas other vacuums can\'t. The unit operates off 90 PSI and consumes 26 CFM; maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI. The pistol grip features a trigger type actuator to adjust vacuum suction. The Sand Sucker Vacuum is popular for cleaning sand and dirt from mold castings and related applications in foundries and manufacturing. Debris is collected into a 0.5 cubic foot bag and the 1448 Sand Sucker is provided with the standard efficiency bag and the 18\" flexible extension. There is an optional 36 inch flexible steel extension and a crush proof plastic hose assembly that can direct debris into a drum.