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ACCU-2M3-CARB, Portable Air Cleaner with 72-Pound Carbon Cell


ACCU-2M3-CARB - The ACCU-2M3 CARB is a portable carbon cell air cleaner designed to address chemical fume odor in commercial and industrial environments. This unit has a 2-speed, 0.75-HP motor and a dual-intake configuration offering a maximum of 2000 CFM. The housing is stainless steel and features a front-access, slide-in filter arrangement for the main filter. The unit cleans the air via carbon filtration media and there are 2, 36-pound refillable carbon cells for a total of 72 pounds of carbon. The standard unit is provided with coconut shell carbon which address many airborne chemical toxins and fumes from the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Please note that we will confirm that the carbon filtration media of the package proposed will address your indoor air quality application and there are numerous options for carbon media blends. In addition to being suitable for industrial odor extraction, the ACCU-2M3-CARB can also be offered with a 4-lamp module of 17-inch, 24-watt UVGI lamps for antibacterial applications calling for contamination control. Please contact us with any details on an application that can be addressed by this portable air cleaner.