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5000-VSC, 250 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with 24-Pound Carbon Filter and Source Capture Arm


5000-VSC - The 5000-VSC is a 3-speed, 250 CFM portable air cleaner that is fitted with a 3-inch diameter by 6-foot long non-metallic source capture arm. It is designed to capture commercial fumes common to soldering at the source but it is also suitable for collecting light levels of dry dust common to jewelry repair. It is available with various filter configurations and this unit features a 24-pound carbon filter along with a pre-filter. Other filtration packages are available and a package more suited for collecting dry dust features a pre-filter, 2-inch HEPA and an 18-pound carbon filter. PLEASE NOTE: This unit is not designed for continuous duty/production applications or any form of welding; this air cleaner is best suited for the extraction of light levels of fumes and dust that can occur in commercial work environments. Please contact us if you have a need for a portable air cleaner with a flexible source capture arm so that we can confirm which product we offer is best for your application.