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6000-DX, 250 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with 36-Pound Carbon Cell


6000-DX - The 6000-DX is a 3-speed, 200 CFM portable air cleaner that can effectively address odor in areas as large as 1800 square feet. Small and compact with strong airflow for it?s size make this a great unit for addressing odor in a variety of applications. Applications can include ambient tobacco smoke removal, VOC fumes from solvents and industrial odors in offices adjacent to manufacturing. This unit is fitted with 3-stages of filtration and can be offered with 2 sizes of carbon filter; a 28 pound and a 36 pound. The unit is fitted with a pre-filter, a 3-inch deep HEPA for dust collection and the carbon filter will address odor. The unit is provided with a coconut shell blend of carbon but other carbon blends are available if the application requires a special blend.