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8000-DX, 250 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with 48-Pound Carbon Cell


8000-DX - The 8000-DX is a 3-speed, 250 CFM portable air cleaner that can effectively address odor in areas as large as 2,000 square feet. Small and compact with strong airflow for it?s size make this a great unit for addressing odor in a variety of applications. Applications can include ambient cigarette smoke removal, cigar lounges, air cleaning in break areas, VOC fumes from solvents and industrial odors in offices adjacent to manufacturing. This unit is fitted with 3-stages of filtration and can be offered with 2 sizes of carbon filter; a 36 pound and a 48 pound. The configuration fitted with the 36-pond carbon filter features a 2-inch deep micro HEPA for fine dust collection. The unit is provided with a coconut shell blend of carbon but other carbon blends are available if the application requires a special blend.