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9500 Restorator, Portable Air Cleaner for Fire and Smoke Damage


9500 Restorator - The Restorator is a variable speed portable air cleaner designed for air purification and odor control in the wake of fire and flood damage. The Restorator is also an ideal option for abatement contractors in need of a compact portable air cleaner to address dust and odor in relation to their operations. The standard filtration package provided consists of a pre-filter, a 2-inch HEPA and a 15-pound carbon cell. A carbon-only configuration is also available and the Restorator can hold up to 30 pounds of carbon for applications calling strong odor removal commonly resulting from the use of volatile organic compounds like industrial solvents and lacquers. The Restorator is suitable for removing odor from smoke odor left from fires but the HEPA and carbon combination make it suitable for any environment calling for fine dust collection and fume extraction applications. This air cleaner features a polished galvanized steel housing that makes it more suited for commercial and industrial environments. Please contact us if you have an application for the Restorator.