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ACCU-V-2000-CARB, 2-Speed, 2000 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with 72-Pound Carbon Cell


ACCU-V-2000-CARB - The ACCU-V-2000-CARB is a 2-speed, dual-intake portable air cleaner offering a maximum of 2000 CFM. This unit is like the 2M3-CARB but it is offered in a vertical configuration. The housing is stainless steel and the unit is fitted with a 72-pound carbon cell that consists of 2, 36-pound, refillable carbon beds. Granular carbon is popular for fume extraction applications involving volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the standard offering for carbon media is a coconut shell carbon blend. There are other carbon blends available and the ability of the carbon blend proposed to address the concerns of your application will be confirmed during the course of providing the proposal. Please note that the unit is available with empty cells for groups that have their own carbon on hand. Please contact us if you have an application that could call for the ACCU-V-2000-CARB.