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ACCU-V-750, 3-Speed, 850-CFM HEPA Portable Air Cleaner


ACCU-V-750 - The ACCU-V-750 is a 3-speed, dual-intake portable air cleaner vertical air flow offering a maximum of 850 CFM. This unit is designed for high efficiency air filtration often required for hospital triage, patient rooms and related areas. The unit is also suited for putting critical care isolation areas under negative pressure for contamination control and related facilities common to laboratories and clean areas for manufacturing. The housing is stainless steel and the unit is offered with either 99.97% HEPA only filtration or HEPA with 2, 25-watt anti-germicidal UV lamps. The V-750 has 2 intakes on opposing sides to the bottom and exhausts filtered air out of the top. The unit is provided with intake and exhaust fittings per the application and the standard collar size is 12-inch. The unit can also be offered with 3, 2' x 2' ceiling grille modules that house pre-filters for above ceiling applications. NOTE: Please see the option for the ACCU-V-750-CARB which is the V-750 option offering a 40-pound, refillable carbon cell. Please contact us if the ACCU-V750 is of interest.