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Air Defender AD-1500, 860 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with HEPA and 88-Pound Carbon Refillable Cell


Air Defender 1500 - The Air Defender series of portable air cleaners is designed for high efficiency air cleaning in critical environments common to hospitals, dairy production and laboratories. This series of units is fitted with a LCD control panel to monitor airflow and it utilizes 24-inch square filters. It is provided with 2 pre-filters, a 12-inch deep HEPA and an 88-pound refillable carbon cell. This combination of HEPA filtration and a dense carbon media filter make this unit ideal for both fine dust collection and the extraction of airborne toxins. The housing is available in both painted steel and unfinished stainless steel. Optional items include anti-germicidal UVGI lamps, a flexible source capture arm and a built-in particle counter.