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Air Defender Medical 1500, Medical-Grade Portable HEPA Air Cleaner


Air Defender Medical 1500 - The Air Defender series of portable air cleaners is designed for high efficiency air cleaning in critical environments. The AirDefender Medical 1500 is a 4-speed, medical-grade portable air cleaner that offers a maximum of 882 CFM and it is fitted with a LCD control panel to monitor airflow. It utilizes 24" x 24" filters and it is provided with 2 pre-filters, a 12-inch deep HEPA and an 88-pound carbon cell. The housing is stainless steel and the medical-grade AirDefender is fitted with a source capture arm with hood. The LCD panel can be set to control the unit's operation and it will also monitor hours of operation, internal filter pressure and will notify of the need to change filters. Optional items include anti-germicidal UV lamps and a built-in particle counter.