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All Plastic Hose Cuffs for Vacuum Hose


Hose Cuffs or hose ends as they are sometimes known are offered for all hoses in our product line. We have hose cuffs for all-plastic hose, strip hose and corrugated hose. We offer these hose cuffs in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch I.D. to 3 inch I.D. and all sizes in between. In addition to the many hose cuff sizes we offer, we also offer standard colors such as grey, black and white. Hose cuffs for all-plastic hose may be manufactured in any color you choose with minimum order quantities. These hose cuffs are normally made of PVC, but are also made out of polyethylene for applications such as food handling. Hose cuffs are made in four main configurations. Standard hose cuffs and swivel hose cuffs are the norm, but many applications call for enlarger hose cuffs or reducer hose cuffs. Standard and swivel hose cuffs are self explanatory. Enlarger hose cuffs are used when an application calls for a larger tool or connector than the hose. And reducer hose cuffs are needed when larger diameter hose needs to be reduced down to the size of a particular tool or connection. Another type of hose end is the special section. These hose ends are made for central vacuum systems, car wash applications, heavy duty hose and proprietary hoses with special thread types or ends.