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HCTV5 5-Gallon ESD Safe Vacuum in Fine-Filtration and HEPA


HCTV5 - The HCTV series of ESD safe vacuums offers a large collection capacity where most ESD safe vacuums are under 1-gallon. This is a dry-only vacuum and the vacuum head is fitted into a 5-gallon bucket giving you a 3.2-gallon dry capacity. The HCTV5 comes with standard 0.3-micron, 5-gallon, resealable, disposable filter canister. A 5-gallon true HEPA filter canister is also available. Each HCTV5 comes complete with a disposable filter, 10 foot crush proof hose, 16 inch flexible wand, crevice tool, crevice tool brush, footswitch and freewheeling roller base.