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S-981-2B, Bench Top Work Station Air Cleaner with Source Capture Arms


S-981-2A and S-981-2B - The 981 series of bench top units features 2 source capture arms and it has a 14-gauge painted steel cabinet. Dimensions are 12\" W x 10\" H and 7\" D. The unit is provided with 2 arms and an inlet cap for applications requiring only one arm. Arms are constructed of chemical resistant polypropylene that is highly flexible and will hold the shape once positioned to the source of the fume or dust. The arm has a temperature rating of -40 Deg F to +180 Deg F. The unique design of the arm allows for the end to be flared to create a 4.5\" opening and it can also be reduced to as little as 2\" if applicable. This unit can be fitted with a variety of filters and options include a 2-stage pre-filter, high-efficiency cartridge, 99.97% efficient HEPA and refillable carbon adsorption modules. If you have an application that calls for a bench-top unit like the 981 please contact us noting some details on your application so that we can confirm the proper 981 unit for your facility.