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Chiperator, 55-gallon, Coolant Separation Vacuum


Chiperator Vacuum for Coolant and Chip Separation - The Chiperator is designed for separating debris like metal chips and related items from relatively clean coolant in machine tool sumps, tanks and parts washers. This is a pneumatic vacuum that uses a 1/2" air line and it has an operating requirement of 80 PSI and 10 CFM. Debris-laden coolant is initially brought into an 8-gallon metal strainer that is lined with a disposable polyethylene sock filter. This is a light-duty unit that is effective on coolant that has become moderately thick with debris but it is not suitable for coolant that has become a thick paste. It is also not designed for vacuuming coolant from floors but please see the listing in this category for the Q-VAC100 wet vacuum for floor collection applications. The unit is provided with a tool kit that includes a 6.5 foot long, 1.5-inch hose assembly but it can operate with a maximum of 10' of hose. The unit strains coolant at 40 GPM and will pump filtered coolant back into the machine tool at the same rate. Please note that the Chiperator can be fitted with an optional oil skimmer and a spillscooter dolly. Please contact us if the Chiperator is of interest.