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Clean Breeze 1000, Portable Air Cleaner with HEPA and 22-Pound Carbon Filter


Clean Breeze 1000 - The Clean Breeze 1000 is a 6-foot tall, portable air cleaner with HEPA and carbon designed for public areas common to hotels and other commercial facilities. It has an attractive appearance and delivers a maximum of 623 CFM. Air is taken in from intakes at the base and exhausted out the top. It is a 4-speed unit and it is fitted with 2 pre-filters, 99.97% efficient HEPA and a 22 pound carbon cell. The unit can also be fitted with an optional UV lamp. The unit is fitted with a LCD panel that can be set to control the unit's operation. The LCD will also monitor hours of operation, internal filter pressure and will notify of the need to change filters. Standard colors are white and blue with custom colors available upon request.