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Clean Breeze Medical 700, Medical-Grade Portable HEPA Air Cleaner with 88-Pound Carbon Cell


Clean Breeze Medical 700 - The Cleanbreeze Medical 700 is a 6-foot tall, portable air cleaner designed for use in hospitals and related facilities. It is like the standard Cleanbreeze but it has a stainless steel housing and it is fitted with a source capture arm. The hood of the source capture arm is clear to allow for viewing the use of one?s hands through the hood. This is a 4 speed unit that offers a maximum of 426 CFM and it is fitted with 2, 24" x 24" pre-filters, a 12" deep HEPA and an 88-pound carbon cell. The unit can also be fitted with an optional UV lamp. The unit is fitted with a LCD panel that can be set to control the unit's operation. The LCD will also monitor hours of operation, internal filter pressure and will notify of the need to change filters.