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I-6500-B, 1000 CFM Portable Air Cleaner with HEPA Only or Carbon Only


I-6500-B - The I-6500-B is a 2-speed, hospital-grade, portable air cleaner that offers a maximum of 1000 CFM. The unit uses 24-inch square filters and is available in 2 configurations; Option #1 features a 12-inch deep HEPA filter and 20-pound carbon post filter and Option #2 features a 2-inch deep HEPA filter and an 80-pound carbon cell. Unit Dimensions: 21" Wide x 25" Long x 48" High. Please note that there are other configurations available that include adding a 10-watt anti-germicidal UV lamp for bacterial sterilization. Please contact us if the I-6500-B is of interest.