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I-6500-C, 600 CFM Hospital Grade Portable Air Cleaner with 80-Pound Refillable Carbon Cell


I-6500-C - The I-6500-C is a 2-speed, hospital-grade, portable air cleaner with an 80-pound refillable carbon cell designed for industrial fume extraction and odor control resulting from the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like lacquers and solvents. Fumes are taken into the air cleaner through louvered grilles to the bottom and exhausted out the top. This unit offers a maximum of 600 CFM and is fitted with a pre-filter and system pressure gauge monitors internal pressure. Other filtration related options include a 2-inch mini-pleat HEPA post filter and adding UVGI lamps for bacterial sterilization. The I-6500 series of portable air cleaners is available in a variety of configurations and please contact us if the I-6500-C carbon-based configuration is of interest.