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Insul-Vac 8, 8-HP, Gas-Powered Insulation Removal Vacuum


The Insul-Vac 8 is a gas-powered 8-HP insulation removal vacuum package best suited for insulation removal projects that are limited in scope like removing insulation from small residences or portions of larger buildings. The housing consists of heavy-gauge, welded steel construction that is powder coated and features a 6-inch inlet for greater productivity. The Insul-Vac has a 2-wheel caster base solid wheels that will lock. The unit is fitted with an 8-HP engine by Briggs and Stratton that will provide the suction required for the removal of insulation from attics, side walls and crawl spaces. Cellulose insulation is removed at 2,028 cubic feet per hour and fiberglass insulation is removed at 2,925 cubic feet per hour. Blown-in insulation and plaster chips, wet or dry, are removed quickly and efficiently. Debris is either collected into a 75 cubic foot disposable bag or it can be blown into an industrial dumpster. Unit is provided with a durable hose and tool package.