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LP-600, 600 CFM Single-Intake and Exhaust Above Ceiling Air Cleaner


LP-600 - The LP-600 is a an air cleaner designed to fit above drop ceilings and enclosures. It is a 2-speed, multi-configurable, single intake/exhaust air cleaner offering a maximum of 600 CFM. The unit is provided with 2, 2-foot by 2-foot ceiling grilles with hinged lids that allow for filter access. The unit can be fitted with a broad range of filters to include 95% filters for ambient dust, 99.97% HEPA filters for fine dust and the unit can also be fitted with UV lamps for anti-bacterial and odor control applications. The standard unit is configured for 120-V/60 but please note that 220-V/60 and 230-250-V/50 are available also.