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N151DC, 15 Gallon Industrial Compressed Air Canister Vacuum


N151DC and N151SC - Single venturi, compressed air vacuum with a 15 gallon, painted steel tank weighing 65 pounds. The 15-gallon unit can be fitted to work from either 1/2" or 3/4" air lines and air consumption ranges from 20 to 47 SCFM at 100 PSI. Vacuum specs for the 3/4" (DC) are 60 SCFM and 213" wc and the 1/2" (SC) unit is 61 SCFM and 105 wc. Recommended compressor requirements are 10 HP for the N151DC and 5 HP for the N151SC. Unit is provided as a complete kit with vacuum hose, tools and a 20' long air line assembly. These vacuums are available for both dry and wet-dry applications. Wet-dry calls for adding the optional liquid shut off assembly. Other options available are a stainless steel tank and there is an optional exhaust silencer. Please contact us if the 15-gallon unit is of interest so we can confirm which option is best suited for your application.