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OakleyAir Systems Filter Replacement for the Home


Air quality in the home is very important and often overlooked. The dust in your home is made of pollen, mold spores, lint, bacteria and other contaminants that sometimes can be harmful. Health effects from breathing these particles can range from eye irritation, decreased lung function, cancer, and allergic reactions. That is why we offer a one of a kind filter to help you clean the air in your home. The OakleyAir Filter is unlike any other filter available. These ring panel filters are ten times more effective than ordinary filters, contain absolutely no fiberglass and trap up to 95% of pollen, lint, mold spores, dust and pet dander. And they keep filtering airborne contaminants from your indoor environment for an incredible 100 days. Our replacement filters for home furnace and air conditioner offer triple the efficiency and service life of fiberglass or poly disposable panel filters. These air filters are up to 98.6% efficient down to 2 microns. (The typical human hair is 10 microns in diameter). The OakleyAir Filters revolutionary anti-microbial system does not support or feed the growth of bacteria and fungi (unlike paper-framed filters). The fibers are chemically bonded with an antimicrobial agent that destroys virtually all microorganisms that come into contact with it,We have been cleaning the air for hospitals and large manufacturing plants for years and now we want to help you with the air in your home. We at OakleyAir take air quality seriously. Call today for more information on how to obtain your filters and do not forget to ask about our AUTOSHIP plan. Prices listed below include shipping. If you do not see your size, do not worry, we have it. 10x20 $14.75 : 12x20 $14.75 : 12x24 $13.75 14x20 $14.75 : 14x24 $15.75 : 14x25 $15.75 : 14x30 $17.75 : 16x20 $14.75 : 16x24 $14.75 : 16x25 $14.75 : 20x20 $14.75 : 20x24 $15.75 : 20x25 $15.75 : 25x25 $16.75 : 20x30 $17.75 : 20x44 $19.75 Please make sure to click on the Technical Specs PDF presentation below for details on how the OakleyAir Filter is different.

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