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OakleyAir Filter System for Tanning and Hair Salons


Finally, an air filter that really works in Tanning and Hair salons. The OakleyAir Filter System is like no other filter on the market. This ring panel filter is 10 times more effective than ordinary filters. The unique design filters 100 percent of the air and eliminates dirty air bypass. It is also a depth loading filter and will not clog like ordinary filters. An ordinary filter when it clogs causes your AC system to work harder to heat or cool your salon. This results in your electricy bill going up and costing you money. It also allows your AC system to work more effeciently allowing you to keep you salon COOLER during the peak usage months. Best of all, with the AUTOSHIP program, you never have to worry about when to change your filters again. If enrolled, they will be automatically shipped to your salon, when they arrive, put in the new and take out the old, simple as that. Prices listed below include shipping. If you do not see your size, do not worry, we have it. 10x20 $14.75 : 12x20 $14.75 : 12x24 $13.75 14x20 $14.75 : 14x24 $15.75 : 14x25 $15.75 : 14x30 $17.75 : 16x20 $14.75 : 16x24 $14.75 : 16x25 $14.75 : 20x20 $14.75 : 20x24 $15.75 : 20x25 $15.75 : 25x25 $16.75 : 20x30 $17.75 : 20x44 $19.75 Please make sure to click on the powerpoint presentation for details on how the OakleyAir Filter is different.

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