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Rack-Mount Multi-Lamp UV Bank for HVAC


The RackMoun.RM" Series is a slim, in-line modular product that introduces adequate dosages of 254 nm UVC to the HVAC airstream. This product can be mounted singly or in perpendicular grid patterns per the application. The RM Series is ideal for mounting close the coil and drain pan of an air handler to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in the system. The units are available in a variety of frame sizes, lamp types and quantities designed specifically to fit your sterilization requirements. The location of the lamp ballasts is determined by the number of lamps in the frame; the ballast can mount to the fixture frame or into a remotely mounted enclosure. Please note that custom applications are note uncommon for the RM Series and please contact us with any details concerning your air sterilization requirements if this product is of interest.