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Small Portable Cartridge Down Draft Bench


Small Portable Cartridge DownDraft Bench (SPCB-1000) is designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts, fume, and smoke generated from sanding, polishing, buffing, grinding and other processes. Typically used for light to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the SPCB-1000 is the AER Control Systems’ Small Portable Cartridge Collector with a downdraft table top mounted on top of the SPC-1000. The SPCB-1000 is compact and portable, the top is an aluminum surface to protect against parts that cannot be scratched and can support a table load of 50 pounds per square feet maximum. The top has a back enclosure with hinged side wing panels. The filter in the SPCB-1000 is a 99.97% HEPA-like efficiency pleated Flame Retardant media cartridge. The cleaning system is a manual push button filter cleaning system The SPCB-1000 has a design airflow of 1000 CFM. Downdraft table top velocity is 250 feet per minute. The SPCB-1000 is designed to be powered up as soon as you receive it by offering a power cord and switch operating at 115 volts. Optional rubber mats are available for the placing on the table top Please note that this unit is not suited for explosive gasses or dusts.