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Ductless Fume Hood, 24 Inch, Standard Airflow Model


The most popular horizontal flow workstation size is the 24-inch and two models are available. Pictured here is the standard flow unit offering up 100 FPM air flow velocity at the inlet. Many work environments are limited for space but this flow hood with a 24-inch square internal dimension is normally able to fit. This benchtop air purification unit is constructed of acrylic and polycarbonate and features a hinged front lid. Many filtration packages are available to address the varying air quality concerns of today's work environments. Filtration options include 99.97% efficient HEPA, activated carbon, acid gas media, ammoniasorb media filter and media configured specifically for formaldehyde fume control applications. The ductless model features a built-in blower that provides strong suction across the inlet area. Typical uses include grind dust containment, pipetting of liquids, soldering, polishing, powder mixing and addressing odor from strong fumes. This unit is also available without a blower for connection to existing air purification equipment and please note that a positive pressure option is available. The positive pressure portable cleanroom brings filtered air into the enclosure to keep contaminants away from the materials being worked with. Please contact us if you have an application that calls for a workstation flow hood of any kind and we will assist with confirming the best hood for your facility