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Remote Down Draft Bench


Remote Benches are designed to provide efficient capture of dusts, fumes, and gas/vapors generated from a variety of manufacturing operations and processes such as buffing, grinding, sanding, cutting, polishing, gluing, bonding, mixing, and for certain welding applications. Remote Benches are typically used on applications where work is done on a table and contaminants are generated close to the work surface. Contaminants generated during operations are drawn through the openings in the table top into the plenum base where larger particles and chips (if generated) will fall out of the airstream. Remaining airborne contaminants are drawn into the duct connected to the back of the table and are exhausted outside or to a optional filtration system for removal. Remote Benches can be equipped with the optional back and hinged side panels to help contain contaminants thrown from operations such as buffing, grinding, sanding, cutting, and polishing. The hinged side panels can be unlocked and opened to allow parts longer than the table itself to be worked on. Unlike competitors light duty remote benches manufactured from sheet metal. Remote Benches feature framework ofwelded angle iron construction with a rugged, heavy duty 12 ga galvanized steel metal work surface and are designed for industrial applications. In addition to the Remote Benches, AER Control Systems’ can provide exhaust blowers or complete air filtration systems for the collection and removal of airborne contaminants generated Please note that this unit is not suited for explosive gasses or dusts.