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Fan-Assisted TB Fixture for Tuberculosis Wards


The Fan-Assisted TB 36-2 Series of UVC fixtures is designed to reduce upper air bacterial contamination in rooms where congestion or ceiling height prohibits the use of wall-mounted indirect fixtures. The Fan-Assisted unit is not fitted with adjustable louvers like the wall-mount option; this unit has an open grille and is provided with a fan, filters and high output, slimline UV lamps. The unit will produce six to eight air changes per hour in rooms up to 1,000 square feet. This unit is popular for controlling tuberculosis but it is also suitable for addressing airborne viruses, microorganisms and mold spores. The housing is 304 stainless with an alzak aluminum reflector and 3 models are available. Units are fitted with 2 lamps and the lamp provided is a hardglass, slimline quartz lamp that is rated for 10,000 hours. Units come completely assembled with a grounded power cord and switch. Please note the size options along with the respective square footage each option will cover: 18.5"; covers 75 Sq Ft, 27.75"; covers 200 Sq Ft and 37.5" covers 300 Sq Ft. Units are available with 3 electrical options: 120-V/60, 220-V/60 and 277-V/50. Units are meant to run continuously and this fixture is ideal for tuberculosis wards but can also be used in patient waiting areas associated with tuberculosis cases and related applications.