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OAS Titan Gutter Vacuum System


Collects waste into 55 Gal. disposable plastic bags so there is no mess to clean up at the end of the job. Cleans gutters and downspouts up to 25 feet WITHOUT A LADDER! Generates a powerful 2000 CFM at 25 inches of static pressure for the toughest jobs. Easily removes tightly packed wet leaves and soil, even rooted plants with no problem at all! Extremely flexible, lightweight and cleanup is quick and easy. It can be used as a stand alone unit (as shown here) or quickly and easily mounted to your golf cart, truck or just about any utility vehicle, transforming them into fast easy litter collectors.The two key elements with any type of vacuum system is CFM (cubic feet per minute) and Static Pressure (water lift), the type and volume of debris are both factors in balancing the two elements. Through extensive research and field testing of the Gutter Keeper, we believe we have achieved the proper balance to effectively clean rain gutters. The Gutter Keeper produces 2000 CFM of air flow and 25 inches of static pressure when using 3 inch tubing for gutter cleaning; and 4 inch tubing for ground debris collection. The Gutter Keeper Complete Package includes: Gutter Keeper base unit powered by a 5 HP blower producing 2000 CFM and 25 inches of static pressure using our patented hinged manifold and, 3 panel clear 44 gallon waste container which bags waste for ease of disposal, plus lid assembly with filters and disposable ply bags. Filters are reusable, easy to remove, and easy to clean. Gutter cleaning hoses, tubes and tips: 25 feet of clear 3 inch hose, (3) 5 feet and (2) 2.5 feet clear extension tubes. Tip sizes included are: (1) 1-5/8 inches by 3-3/4 inches and (1) 2-1/8 inches by 3-1/4 inches other sizes are also available. Downspout pressure hose assembly: 15 feet of clear 3 inch downspout pressure hose. Used for unclogging and/or cleaning of downspouts by attaching pressure hose to blower and bottom of downspout, used in conjunction with suction at the top of the downspout this method works remarkably well. Ground debris collection tools: 10 feet of clear 4 inch hose and 4 inch intake chute assembly. Perfect for collection of debris around shrubbery, footpaths and hard to reach areas. The machine weighs approximately 200 lbs and is approximately 6 feet by 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet tall. The base unit is equipped with large and very durable outdoor wheels and a brake.