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UVSHO-2, Plus and Super


The UVSHO-2 Series consists of 2 units designed to sterilize air in the HVAC air stream. Th.Plus" units are designed for 5,000-7,000-CFM and th.Super" units are designed for 7,500-10,500-CFM. Both units are fitted with 2 high output UV-C lamps with the proper oxidation levels for the CFM noted. Housing is an 18-gauge steel frame that is 13" H x 8" W x 21" D. Units are configured for 120-V/60 Hz electric, a 6-foot power cord with plug is provided and the amp draw is 1.28. Units are ETL listed and are popular for pathogen and odor control. Please contact us with any questions relating to the utilization of this type of unit in your facility.