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Vac-U-Max SR - Submersible Recovery Vacuum, 55-gallon


VAC-U-MAX SR ? Explosive powder vacuum. The VAC-U-MAX Submerged Recovery vacuum is an air operated, dry only unit designed to pick up explosive powders. Vacuum suction is adjustable from 8? Hg to 16? Hg. Filter is static conductive PTFE (Teflon) and the vacuum lid and tank are anti-sparking stainless steel. Examples of the powders the VAC-U-MAX SR can collect are gun powder, rocket propellant, sodium azide and aluminum dust. The submerged recovery design renders explosive materials inert by way of an extended inlet assembly that reaches to the base of the drum and the vacuum pulls the explosive material through water. Unit is fitted with a high-level liquid cut off to prevent overfilling and a low-level cut off to prevent operation if the water level in the drum is too low.

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