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Mighty Mouth High Efficiency Upright Vacuum, 14-inch


VACMM - The Mighty Mouth upright is a 14-inch wide, high-efficiency unit loaded with unique features. The unit is fitted with a 3-stage filtration arrangement that offers 2 options for the final bag filter; 95% efficient fine filtration or 99.97% efficient HEPA. The HEPA bag filter makes the Mighty Mouth ideal for vacuuming dust in sensitive areas such as healthcare facilities and lab areas but the unit is strong enough to collect difficult debris like paper clips and tacks. The vacuum and brush are powered by 2 separate motors. The main motor is a 1000 watt flow through motor and the brush motor is a 100 watt motor. The vacuum produces 84 CFM and the brush turns at a maximum of 5400 RPM. It has a full bag indicator light and please contact us if this unit is of interest.