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Vertical Cartridge Downflow


Vertical Cartridge Down Flow Dust Collector (VCDF Series) are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts and fumes, generated from sanding, grinding, welding, laser cutting, and wood working. Industries such as metalworking plants, woodshops, pharmaceuticals, and foundries. Materials like plastics, rubber products, ceramics, and powder coating, and many otherprocesses. Typically utilized for control of moderate to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants, the VCDF series collectors are provided with a self-cleaning, patented reverse pulse down flow filter cleaning to minimize maintenance and reduce replacement filter costs. The VCDF Dust Collector can be configured a few different ways, standard is with a leg support stand to accommodate a 55 gallon drum, legs can be removed to add a dust drawer or a hopper can accommodate a rotary air lock. Inlet air configuration would be top down as standard with an option for a side inlet for applications generating sparks or abrasive air inlet for abrasive dusts. The standard blower is an in-line centrifugalfan mounted on the outlet of the collector. The number of cartridges can vary from 4 to 32 with blowers to deliver in the range of 1,000 to 16,000 CFM. Other cartridge and blower sizes are available.