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Wall Mount Fume Collector


Wall Mount Fume Collector, WFC-1000 unit is designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dust, fume, smoke and odor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Typically used for control of low to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the WFC-1000 can be used on a variety of processes that generate dust, fume, smoke or odor. The filters in the WFC-1000 are disposable and could last 6 to 12 months depending on hours of operation and type of particulate. The Wall Mount Fume Collector will help with compliance to local OSHA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operatorís breathing zone and reduce emissions to an acceptable level. The WFC-1000 Collector comes standard with three stages of filtration, the first is a spark arrester, the second a 35% efficient pleated filter, and a third is a 95% efficient fiberglass box filter with 58 square feet of high loft fiberglass media. Optional 99.97% at 0.3 micron HEPA and carbon for odor is also available. Also standard is a single phase 1 HP TEFC motor with non-overloading direct drive blower, tool-less filter access door.